Penny Posting

Q & A

  • How much does Penny Posting cost?
    Penny Posting helps you post ads in two ways: 
    It is FREE to use when you post ads individually. Penny Posting simplifies each posting to just 2 clicks, but it does not automatically post the next ad.  The free option is only available to YGL users currently.
    Penny Posting is also an auto poster that can post ads completely automated. In this case, you select which ads you want posted from your database and Penny Posting will post these ads one by one until finished. Auto posting costs 10¢ (YGL) or 15¢ (Zillow Rentals) per ad. Ghosted/deleted ads are not charged.
  • Do you support other databases other than YouGotListings?
    Currently only is supported. If you think we should support another database that you use, please tell us about it.
  • Can I get a refund?
    Credits purchased are not refundable.
  • How can I tell which of my ads are actually posted?
    Penny Posting provides you with a Daily Postings Summary in your YGL Advertisements page. We will also email you a detailed list of the ads posted that day.
  • How often can I post my ads?
    If you are posting ads manually, there is no limit. When posting ads automatically, you can only post each ad once a day.
  • How to troubleshoot the Penny Posting extension?
    Troubleshooting Penny Posting Instructions
  • How do I uninstall Penny Posting?
    Uninstall Reason / Instructions
  • How do I update Penny Posting?
    Update Penny Posting Instructions