Penny Posting

Troubleshooting the Penny Posting Extension

Extension Not Working

Are You Using Google Chrome?

Penny Posting currently only supports the Google Chrome web browser.  To download the browser visit

Please note that Google Chrome for mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android) does not support extensions, so it won’t work.

Is Your Google Chrome Up To Date?

Please check that your Google Chrome is up to date.  Click on the 3 bars icon on the upper right of the browser and select About Google Chrome.

Is the Penny Posting Extension Installed and Up to Date?

Visit our Download page and hit the big orange button.

Are other extension interfering?

Disable all other extensions.  Click on the 3 bars icon on the upper right of the browser, hover over Tools and select Extensions.  Disable all other extensions there.

Is it just your computer?

Try it on a different computer.  If it works else where, then it’s just your computer.  Unfortunately computers are complicated and there could be a million reasons on it doesn’t work.  Best advice we can provide is try the below.

Is it Craigslist?

Try posting an ad manually without using our extension and see if the same thing happens.

Is your browser corrupt?

Try uninstalling Google Chrome, reinstalling, and then reinstall our extension.

Credits Can Not Be Found

After purchasing credits they do not appear.  The most common reason is because on our extension you are not logged into the same Craigslist account that you have purchased the credits on.  To the left of the credits indicator you should see the email address of the Craigslist account that you are currently using.  Make sure that is the same as the one you have purchased credits on.  If not, then use the “Switch Craigslist Account” link below.  Credits purchased is specific to each Craigslist account and do not carry over when you log into a different one.

Still Have Issues?  Contact Us

If you still have issues, contact us at  When you write to us, please include the following.

Operating System: MAC or PC
Posting Method: Manual Post, Quick Post, Auto Post
Description: Be as descriptive as possible.  On which step did the issue occur.  If there is an error message, include it.
Screenshot: Include a screenshot.  If not sure how to take one, use your phone to take a picture and include that in your email.