Penny Posting

How to Update the Penny Posting Extension?

If you are having issues with your Penny Posting extension, it is likely that you are not running the latest version.  Please follow the procedures below to update your extension.

Need help?  Watch this video tutorial

Penny Posting Extension Updates Automatically

First, please know that Google Chrome checks for new versions of your installed extensions periodically and updates them automatically.  You can simply wait for your Penny Posting extension to just update itself.  Or you can follow the steps below to update it manually.

Updating Penny Posting Extension Manually

  1. Enter “chrome://extensions/” into the address bar.
  2. Make sure “Penny Posting” is in the list of the extensions.  If not, it means you do not have the Penny Posting extension installed.
  3. Check off the “Developer Mode” checkbox.  You should now see three extra buttons right below.
  4. Click on the “Update extensions now” button.  It will then update all the extensions instantly.